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A shoe where quality is top priority

One of the main features that we take into consideration when manufacturing our footwear is quality. This attribute is present throughout the footwear production process, from design to the finalised product with its finishes.

Proof of this is the fact that all DIAN products are certified with 89/686/CEE, EN-ISO-20347:2012 and EN-ISO-20345:2012 standards.

At Dian, we have been working for over 30 years to deliver high quality work footwear that provides a continuous sense of well-being to the user. Made exclusively in Spain, we produce work shoes that are designed with innovative technologies and mechanisms that positively affect different aspects of the shoe. These latter have an outstanding design -the way Dian footwear is produced provides comfort-, safety-the models are designed taking into account the basic factors to protect the worker’s foot- and foot cushioning, among others.


Design and independance

Our shoes provide protection and safety, whilst projecting an image of avant-garde design. The materials used for their manufacturing are highly breathable with lining and moisture absorption and evaporation.


Safety and Comfort

The component group of a Dian shoe make it a comfortable, quality and safe shoe to carry out the jobs they were designed for, protecting the user from all normal work risks, and providing the foot with a comfortable and secure habitat difficult to beat.


Comfortable and dry feet

The padded insoles, adapt to each foot’s morphology, they are breathable and have the capacity to absorb moisture and keep the sole of the foot dry. With antibacterial treatment to prevent the growth of microorganisms and bad odours.


Cushioning and grip

The sole is made of soft materials capable of absorbing heel impacts when walking. The sole’s design is made up of flat pads with piped edges, large grooves to facilitate the evacuation of liquids, preventing slippage on any surface, either wet or dry.


Quality and Health Certificates.
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