Shoe DRILLED IN FULL, hyperventilating and highly breathable, NO internal stitching, velcro, WASHABLE cold and hot up to 40 degrees, spade microfiber technical D’COVER OEKO-TEX® high capacity for moisture absorption and quick drying, padded and lined interior D’DRY® around the ankle area. straight shape rounded toe. Buttress of sufficient hardness to hold the heel. Insole in polyurethane foam with antibacterial treatment and activated carbon. Large nonslip soles wet or dry, with protuberances and ridges on the sole to facilitate the dispersal of liquids and to increase adherence to the ground. Manufactured and assembled to reinforce the union of the sole to the shoes upper.


CE Certified, EN-ISO-20347. UE 425/2016.
Protection Level SRC+O1. ANTIbacterial ISO 16187.
SRC = (SRA+SRB) nonslip on tiled surface with detergent and water as a lubricant+nonslip on steel with glycerin as a lubricant.
O1=Closed back, antistatic, energy absorbing heel, sole with ridges.


Breathable microfiber D’COVER OEKO-TEX®

Interior sole:
Fabric over polyurethane foam D’DRY®

Nitrile rubber

Sizes: 34-47


Suela antibacteriana
Antibacterial sole
Semelle antibacterienne
Shole Antibacterial

Garantia de funcionalidad
Funcionality guarantee
Garantie de fonctionnalité

Corte microfibra transpirable 
Breathable microfiber upper
Tige microfibre respirante 
Obermaterial atmungsaktiver mikrofaser

Forro transpirable
Breathable lining
Doublure respirante
Atmungsahtives Futter


Origen español
Spanish origin
Origine espagnole
Spanischer herkunft