Blucher type shoe with one upper piece, seamless and with laces. D’COVER DRY® breathable, liquid-repellent fabric cut, padded fabric lining D’DRY®, cushioned ankle collar to prevent blistering. Straight form with rounded toe. Sturdy buttress to support the heel. Cushioned fabric insole over thermo-shaped polyurethane foam with antibacterial treatment and activated carbon. D’LIGHT® composite sole, antibacterial, ultralight, comfortable, flexible and non-skid, with flat pad design, sharp edges and wide grooves to help get rid of liquid. Machine washable up to 40º.


CE Certificate, Standard EN-ISO-20347:2012 UE 425/2016.
Security Level SRC+O1+FO.
SRC = (SRA+SRB) nonslip on tiled surface with detergent and water as a lubricant +nonslip on steel with glycerin as a lubricant.
O1 = closed back, antistatic, energy absorbing heel, sole with ridges.
FO = oil resistance of the sole.

Corte transpirable repelente de líquidos
Breathable Liquid-repellent upper
Tige respirante déperlant
Obermaterial Atmungsaktiver wasserabweisendes

Forro transpirable
Breathable lining
Doublure respirante
Atmungsahtives Futter


Origen español
Spanish origin
Origine espagnole
Spanischer herkunft