Women´s dress shoe type mocasin in leather micro D’COVER PLUS® with technic microfiber lining D’DRY®. Buttress of sufficent strengh to support the heel. Cushioned polyurethane insole with antibacterial treatment and technic microfiber lining. EVA sole with DYNERGY system.



EN-ISO-20347. Security Level SRC+O2+FO.
SRC = (SRA+SRB) nonslip on tiled surface with detergent and water as a lubricant +nonslip on steel with glycerin as a lubricant.
O2 = closed back, antistatic, energy absorbing heel, sole with ridges, penetration and water absorption.
FO = oil resistance of the sole.


Leather micro D’COVER PLUS®

Interior sole:
Microfibre technique D’DRY®

EVA sole with DYNERGY system

Sizes: 35-42

Corte transpirable 
Breathable upper
Tige respirante 
Obermaterial Atmungsaktiver 

Forro transpirable
Breathable lining
Doublure respirante
Atmungsahtives Futter

Origen español
Spanish origin
Origine espagnole
Spanischer herkunft