A shoe where quality is top priority


One of the main features that we take into consideration when manufacturing our footwear is quality. This attribute is present throughout the footwear production process, from design to the finalised product with its finishes.

Proof of this is the fact that all DIAN products are certified with 89/686/CEE, EN-ISO-20347:2012 and EN-ISO-20345:2012 standards.

Dian’s products have been adapted to the standards EN-ISO-20347: 2012 and ENISO-20345: 2012 that determines that the products of Dian have a quality design, and an excellent production and marketing process within the footwear sector

It should be noted that Dian has obtained the certification obtained from Spanish origin, known as OCE stamp. This title, called as the stamp of origin Spanish
guaranteed, in an audit process carried out by independent professionals, the Spanish origin of the products that belong to the Dian brand.

Ultimately remarkable is the Spanish origin certificate achieved after undergoinga comprehensive audit for the design of it’s shoe models, the source of all itsproduction centres, its Spanish shareholding structure, purchasing department,sales department, the origin of raw materials and components, logistics, thecertificate of quality and VAT payments in Spain. All this to guarantee the maximum quality, transparency and confidence to the consumer that uses Dian footwear.

Over Thirty Years dedicated to the manufacture of work footwear



At Dian, we have been working for over 30 years to deliver high quality work footwear that provides a continuous sense of well-being to the user. Made exclusively in Spain, we produce work shoes that are designed with innovative technologies and mechanisms that positively affect different aspects of the shoe. These latter have an outstanding design -the way Dian footwear is produced provides comfort-, safety-the models are designed taking into account the basic factors to protect the worker’s foot- and foot cushioning, among others.

Design and freedom


The cutting of our shoes offers coverage and protection, at the same time as it projects a design and avant-garde image. The materials used to manufacture are highly breathable, lined inside and with the ability to absorb and evaporate sweat.

Comfortable and dry feet


The insoles are made of quilted materials, with the ability to adapt to the morphology of each foot, breathable and able to absorb a lot of moisture and keep the sole of the foot dry. With antibacterial treatments to prevent the proliferation of the microorganisms and bad odors.

Cushioning and grip


The sole is made of soft materials capable of absorbing heel impacts that occur when walking. The design of the sole is composed of flat pads of rounded edges, with large grooves to facilitate the evacuation of liquids, avoiding slipping on any surface, dry or wet.

Safety and comfort


The set of all the components of the shoe of Dian makes it a comfortable and safe footwear to develop the jobs for which it has been designed, protecting the user from all the normal risks of work and providing a habitat for the foot of comfort and security difficult to overcome.

Quality and Health Certificates.